daydream normal

I just wrote a list(unpublished) about what I think is normal when it comes to men my age, however *this list is a culmination of how that inspired me and what I wish guys would accept. Aka, normal things in my eyes. *this is a for me list* (and a novel fyi, inspired by an article I read at the dr office.)
  1. Physical flaws.
    Small ones like how my right front tooth is a little crooked or how big my smile is. I purposely refrain from smiling in pictures bc I feel judged by this.
  2. Hair.
    It sometimes keeps me from responding to guys bc I get this weird anxiety they'll see a random hair where hair 'shouldn't be' and bolt.
  3. Career.
    I wish I could meet someone who knows what it's like to be responsible but still have dreams of different adventures with success. (35 and up)
  4. Physical.
    I just wish I could meet more guys who yes, like to make out, but also like the actual *me as well.
  5. I wish it was normal to not want the latest, greatest technology/car/clothes/home/vacation spot.
  6. I also wish it was normal to vedge out once in a while and not want to hike, bike, paddle board, volley or surf. I wish that I could admit to needing a vedge session over a serious cardio session sometimes and not feel judged.
  7. I have a pretty dysfunctional family and I wish it was something people were more accepting of. It's hard work at being healthy but then be judged by someone who was raised w normal parents.
    Normal being both of them are functionally emotional and loving people who don't struggle w addiction, mental illness or some other form of physical/mental abuse. If you deal w the latter like I do, I could use the reminder I'm not alone!!;)💛
  8. My daydream "normal guy" listens to his music a bit too loud and loves to hold my hand. He has issues but works on them, for him. He loves adventure but knows how to save. He accepts his parents and knows where they end and he begins. He is not physically perfect but his flaws are perfectly fine. And best of all, he likes me for me.
    Does anyone else have a "daydream normal" scenario?
  9. I know this is a myriad of a guys preferences, my insecurities and a mix of just dealing with the opposite sex but I sometimes wish I had more confidence that my normal guy is out there just waiting to be met!✨