Feeling beautiful

  1. It's not a feeling that I can pinpoint and repeat but sometimes it just happens.
    And recently the tiny momentum I've gained back has been welcomed.
  2. I feel beautiful when...
  3. I'm included and asked for my opinion on a project at work.
  4. I don't flip out over getting a flat tire and handle it calmly and just get The Blue Bullet to the shop.
    I've had three flats in the last few months which is one too many. And it is no bueno to get a flat tire on the freeway. Just saying.
  5. I land that chord I've been trying to play for a while now and it brings the verse into the chorus perfectly.
  6. I finish my bedtime routine and catch myself in the mirror as I hit the light. I look cute in my t and undies and I smell good too.
    It's called Romance by Ralph Lauren and I think I'll always love it, I haven't worn another perfume in forever.
  7. I get a call from a friend who needs my advice and she tells me how much I'm appreciated.
  8. I figure out my budget and see that I'm going in the right direction and can make things happen!!
  9. I'm done working out and my face is so flush it looks like I have rouge on my cheeks, my hair is a messy semblance of a bun and my bangs flip up from the sweat...and yet I feel beautiful sometimes. I think it has to be the endorphins from the workout;p
  10. I use baby oil on my legs. Just enough and they are so smooth!
  11. I binge out on Taco Bell and my only penitence is a bottled water instead of a Baja Blast.👍🏼
  12. I get waxed and it doesn't leave my skin super red. The next day is 💯👌🏼
  13. When I'm catching up with a friend and she is yelling about Trump and then we both do and compare notes on what's most recent. I feel beautiful that I have such good souls as friends who agree with me on all levels.
  14. I'm in the sauna at the gym and someone compliments my skin.
  15. I feel beautiful when I don't feel the least bit regretful enjoying a hostess cupcake while I write this list.
    #chocolateydeliciousness #icanthelpit