Friday love.

It's Friday and this weekend is going to be really good so I wanted to list why I like Fridays.✨(ps. I have the morning to myself so last night I went thru the rest of my lists and published everything!🏆Sorrynotsorry for bothering you all😉☺️😘😘😘
  1. Casual dress day at work🙌🏼
  2. The donut fairy will usually stop by the office also 🍩✨
  3. The word starts with F and that letter just feels like an odd but awesome letter.
  4. An evening reserved for opening nights if I miss Thursday's late showing🍿📽
  5. It promotes love and appreciation😍☺️
  6. Most weekends are packed but Friday eve can be left unbooked pretty easily and it's a perfect time to wind down and chill/relax before the busy starts.✔️
  7. But, on the other hand Friday's can be the perfect time for a night out after work with dinner and maybe a walk at the harbor or a bonfire and sunset.🙌🏼
  8. Friday precedes Saturday and Saturdays are amazingggg so it gets love just because!
  9. Hope today is what you want it to be however that looks💙And know your voice IS HEARD when you make a difference speaking up and out against any rally's this weekend or just even speaking up when you see ignorance/hate in your daily life today and every day!!!💪🏼👊🏼✔️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    Stay safe please✨❤️❤️❤️