Hey Listers

just want to share some thoughts while drinking my coffee and trying to wake up. I wrote this between last night and today using my Notes App on my Iphone.πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈβ˜•οΈ
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    In November I changed my profile to private bc of the crazies who involved my social media presence into their fight to have me fired. Of course it was empty accusations but it did send me into private mode on every app I was active.
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    The changes list rolled out, unknowingly, affected me in a very direct way. Bc I was private, now my entire profile is hidden to everyone except me.
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    It's not cool. One thing I loved was the interactions we've had on my lists and some of the reasons why I think we've become better acquainted is bc if you didn't know me, you went thru my lists and came to like me for me, seeing who I was over this last year. Or you even already knew me and just liked to browse!
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    I was told by Li.st support there is no way at resolving this. They can't allow me public and let me delete my work lists, I am to either bring forward all my lists (😞) or just leave it as is.
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    In my own small opinion about what affects me, the fact they made such a drastic change without allowing their daily users to know is a complete mirror of how big name apps like lame ass Facebook act. Even FB has survey's lolll. I feel as though Li.st no longer stands apart. And it's a shame too bc this app is no where as big.
    And it's clear how many users are actually unhappy with their choices so often.
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    and side opinion bc I agree with so many of you - losing drafts was DEFINITELY NOT WRITER NOR USER FRIENDLY. I'd love to know who the hell complained enough that they got rid of such a useful tool.πŸ˜”So many of us are writers at heart...slow thinkers who need the time and space.
    Not to mention how many lists are draft worthy bc of *how they're written.
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    Ok! Rant over, but my issue still remains and even after being fairly disappointed and a bit uncomfortable, I don't want to leave rn.
    And, I'll very supportively follow those who've moved on or talk to them directly bc they're worth it and I completely understand, as I'm sure most of us are doing.❀️
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    So where does that lead me? Well, I was told you won't be notified of my republish, you'll just see it in your feed. I don't want to bombard you so I have no intentions of republishing even a quarter of my lists. I feel like there are a handful(5 to 15 tops?) that I can republish. So this weekend I will.
    and yes, I've seen others republish so it will in fact go directly to your feed but certainly you'll see what I chose and please try not to unfriend me or turn me off notifs if the dingbats were wrong about their info.
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    My question to you is, what iyo would qualify for a republish?πŸ€” I think differently than a lot and I just want to hear your opinion; how many lists and what makes it worthy. Is it content or is it likes?
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    I am just trying to start anew, even if it was forced, and share with those listers I've just recently become followers of who don't know me, giving them a snippet into the last year and some change, bc I want to.
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    Let me end this on a ✨good note✨ bc it's Thursday morning still for a lot of you, (Thursday eve/Friday am for some of you loves out there) Have a beautiful dayπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› I read your lists for the transparency, truthfulness, hidden truthfulness(treasure), peace and sweet inspiration you are.πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
    Just a reminder. and thanks for listening.