How I Know Its Monday

Inspired by @Boogie
  1. Sleeping thru 3 alarms loll
  2. Every cup of coffee tastes off
    New pot brewing now
  3. Thoughts getting the best of me
    Monday mornings make you weaker by default loll! ughhhh Can't. Fight. This. Thought.😉
  4. Breakfast was meh
    Eggs whites alone w Red Hot don't cut it but I didn't go grocery shopping yesterday and needed to eat something. I missed my veggies for sure.
  5. Morning meeting went way over and I need a break from someone w a terrible attitude.
    When I'm making it a point to try and have a good day you better believe I'm steering clear of negatrons. They zap you quicker than anything when you're low on energy.
  6. ✨However, I can say that this particular Monday will have an amazing pick me up thanks to Anna and the playlist she made me.🎧💕
  7. @nantea Thanks again for turning this Monday into a sweet one!! I'm not familiar with every song so it's a perfect interruption from the norm.💯😘