I saw a Milla Jovovich poster for Resident Evil and thought to myself I'd watch that if...
  1. I'd watch any scary movie if I had a guy to sit next to me on the couch and let me bury my face in his shoulder in the ridiculous parts
    otherwise, nope.
  2. I'd skydive if I had someone to do it with
  3. I'd cook a full meal if I had more than just me to cook for
  4. I'd write that short story if I thought someone would actually read it
  5. I'd donate my organs if I wasn't weirded out by the thought of them being in someone else
  6. I'd binge watch tv shows if I had someone to watch them with
  7. I'd run a marathon if I could find someone to train with
  8. I'd send you a care package if you needed one
  9. I'd dress up for Halloween if I wasn't tired of the solo acts. I would love to be someone's green to their envy or Rizzo to their Kenickie
  10. I'd go to way more sports games and concerts if I had someone to go with
  11. I'd eat a 🌶 but only if you do too:)
  12. update: I'd quit bothering your feed if I wanted to go into work but I don't loll. But I will bc I'm now 10 min late tho arrived 30 min early and have been on list since☺
    Have a good day!💛 (@cvlop61 and @Boogie thanks again. Hope you have a good day too, you deserve it.😘)