I'm Nicole and here's what I believe

Inspired by @LizDawson and all you other amazing souls.:) Just a little of what I believe.
  1. I believe swimming is the best form of exercise
  2. I believe that cold pizza can be as satisfying as hot pizza
  3. I believe laughter is as necessary as water
  4. I believe that I'll always struggle between analog and digital
  5. I believe in rainy days
  6. I believe music is essential to a peaceful life
  7. I believe the best martini is a Sapphire Gin, up with olives
  8. I believe that sports are essential to life
  9. I believe that Thelonious Monk was the best jazz pianist
  10. I believe that marijuana should be legal in every state
  11. I believe that touch is necessary and without it you can decrease your longevity and also struggle with depression
  12. I believe Les Paul made the best guitars
  13. I believe traveling alone can be good for your soul
  14. I believe that you can find some of the best used books at your local library book store
  15. I believe that masala chai is the best hot drink
  16. I believe that the best Wes Anderson movie soundtrack was from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  17. I believe I'm sincerely happy to know you💛