Inspired by @Drei excellent list I WANT MY LOVE TO
  1. To me, I read it as hopes for my future love to be. I want him to
  2. Be someone I can count on.
  3. Laugh. And then laugh some more with me.
  4. Surprise me with small adventures that he enjoys as much as I would.
  5. Sit with me with life hurts but not try to solve it, just be present. And ready to give hugs.
  6. Be able to see the real me and still fall in love.
  7. wait tho.
  8. That list also could've been written to say what I want *my love to do
  9. so this is what I hope for 💕
  10. That it bring smiles...
  11. Gives hope to others✨
  12. Shines thru in my work.
  13. my cooking too!
    esp my blueberry muffins:)
  14. hopefully brings more peace in the world❤️