July 1st

A for me bc it's July 1st and I want to write what's up today list.☀️
  1. Life is beautiful and it's been forevs since I said that.
    #seriouslyforever #iusedtosayitallthetime #maybebcofthemovie?:)
  2. No, its definitely not perfect
  3. It's been sweet at some points, trying in others and sometimes full of so much electricity I could burst.
  4. It became pretty cloudy working for that dr office, and then took a good curve when I saw a dream or two happen.✨
  5. It also took a total 180 and I am gaining really good experience in a field that I ultimately will finish my career in🎯
    #MFT #LCSW
  6. It saw the sudden, abrupt end to a friendship that was a hard core burn bc I didn't even see it coming.
    #superbummed #understatement #naive #missalotalready #owell
  7. Life has shown success w change/getting back to me, and happiness for achieving goals.🏆
    I'm still trying to focus on health and wellbeing more often than not.
  8. And it still takes nosedives like something that's blindsided me with emotion some days and other days I'm successfully trying to build up hope again.
    #difficultdoesntmeancant #anythingispossible #onemomentatatime
  9. I also have adventures on the horizon!!⭐️
  10. At the end of the day, it's still beautiful.✨
    ✨Crown and Cokes and rad earrings (@jennifergster;). Life.💋⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️