Life is...

This morning I woke up after a solid 8 hrs sleep and it was practically tangible that sleep makes a difference.:) I thought about other things when they happen. Life is...
  1. fun when you think you have something figured out and then bam! It surprises you in the best way.
  2. crushing when someone you love dies.
  3. empowering when you take action.
  4. difficult when you have a broken bone.
  5. quiet sometimes when your ego makes too much noise.
  6. exhilarating when you see the positive results of hard work/time/energy.
  7. full of beauty when you give yourself time for a sunset, or a morning walk.
  8. heartbreaking when you think you found what you were looking for but you didn't.
  9. scary when you are in an accident.
  10. joyful when someone you love succeeds.
  11. beautiful when you take chances and make things happen yourself.
  12. traumatic when you've been raped or experience violence against your body.
  13. peaceful when you lay in the grass and look at the night sky full of stars.
  14. fulfilling when you allow love in.
  15. tiring when you are overlooked or undervalued.
  16. stressful when you ignore your intuition.
  17. hilarious and fun when you don't take yourself seriously.
  18. best to be lived moment by moment if you can help it.❤