life list

a for me again list since things will always change, or try to change, but some things I want to stay the same bc life is short. too short. *Life is short and I....
  1. never want to be fake.
  2. will never make you feel bad for being a fangirl or fanguy.
    unless it's something awful like being a Belieber. #sorrynotsorry
  3. suppose that even if he screws up again, I guess Tom Brady deserves a little less flack from me.
  4. will always value education and try my very best to send my kids all the way up thru graduate school, if that's what they want.
    (Minimum bachelor's tho if I can help it. But even if it's just auto, beauty or acting school, I'll do what I can;)
  5. will always save the last piece/slice for someone else.'s my favorite casserole or the pizza we ordered that had my fav toppings.
  6. never want to see someone I know go without real basics.
    I'm pretty resourceful for stuff like this too and can find help practically anywhere for someone.
  7. also never want to see someone I love hurting if I can help it.
  8. want to wake up and not feel a hint of depression, bad dreams, heartache or negativity and live in joie de vivre, every day.
    I think it's completely doable.
  9. take for granted the smallest of things but I'm working on growing out of this habit.
  10. will always have laughter in my life.
  11. want a long hug with my arms wrapped tight around his lower back, my head buried softly in his chest and I can hear his breathing through his sweatshirt while he is running his hand slowly through my hair and down my back, repetitively.
    for some reason imagining this calms me.
  12. think that even if you're 75 it's rad you're a Hufflepuff and you know it.
  13. never want to make my kids or my love feel less than on my bad days if I can help it.
    my mom always had issues with this and I don't want to. I will always try my best to give a round of hugs and give him a kiss he won't forget if I can help it. It's the least I can do, I'm sure of that.
  14. think that music is essential to a positive attitude and going to shows will most def be a priority.
  15. will *forever fight against getting caught in the hamster wheel or on the road to the Joneses.
  16. like writing and also daydreaming about sharing short stories I've written that are kind of like Franny and Zooey or The Dubliners.
  17. think that having an open mind is absolutely necessary.
  18. will always believe in true love.