Little Things I Love

For example knowing today will be chill(but I still wish I was in the water instead of here at work;) - list prompt inspo✨
  1. Punk shows that I still enjoy
  2. Running at sunrise
  3. A handsome, kind smile
  4. Postcards
  5. Cowboy hats
  6. The act of being genuine
  7. Checking things off a big to do list:)
  8. When people don't take themselves super seriously
  9. Reinventing something
  10. Grumpy Cat
    thanks again @cvlop61 ☺️
  11. Metallica on vinyl
    It's cool to listen to Ride the Lightening with that classic sound!
  12. Finding something you've been searching for, finally!
    I'm still on the hunt for a perfect purse but when I do I know I'll be thankful:)
  13. Sharpie pens 💯
  14. Listening to The Killers radio station that my coworker is playing rn.
    Foo Fighters, Muse...some of these I have heard in forever:) #classics
  15. Writing/reading lists instead of working:)