moments this week✨

a for me list.
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    Being asked what 'I heart you' means and after explaining it hearing, "I'm stealing that!"
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    Mailing things.💕
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    Seeing so many of my coworkers sport red, or not even come to work, yesterday!! I loved it.♥️
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    Childcare tonight with the kiddos and how I always bring Lofthouse cookies and we always eat the entire pack😋
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    Planning next weekend whether by myself or w the friends I asked (no response yet) and having good feels about it even if I wind up alone!
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    Noticing something as small as my hours and how I've been struggling to get to work on time and being able to say, 'I think I need to change this." and being received!!!
    Asking for what I really need 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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    Apologizing for something and being told by someone who doesn't even know me, "Oh that's ok. You were just being a warm fuzzy."
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    Spending a few hours yesterday on the phone with someone I love is always a natural hug that I'm grateful for!
    I know some people aren't phone peeps and I'm generally not but when you don't live in the same state it's kinda different:) #sunsetphonesesh
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    Seeing this tonight and feeling the solidarity in his statement.
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    I think that's why I'm feeling grateful rn....I mean, really - so what. So what if my family lacks love, my friends give in abundance, So What if I struggle with self love. I have plenty to give and will sooner than later enjoy it completely too.
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    So what if they judge. It's none of my business. So What if I fail. I'm too adventurous to care. On to the next!
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    So What if some things are hard to understand. Someday I may, until then I'll just be at peace.✌🏼
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    So what if there was no point to this list.😻I'm feeling retrospective and grateful rn✨😘☺😘✨