My California bucket list!

Thanks for the LR @supercommonname ! I got on a plane the 27th of July, 2004 to California and have been here since. I celebrate every year and with 12 years come and gone as of tomorrow, this was a perf LR bc it has me thinking about what I've done and what I still want to do before I move.
  1. Night paddleboarding in Newport or Dana Point harbor
  2. Visit San Francisco ✔️
    I wound up living there for a few months. I love that city.
  3. Meet General Sherman
  4. Santa Barbara ✔️
  5. Tiajuana/Rosarita ✔️
    I lived on the border in a town called El Centro for about 4 months. That was interesting.
  6. Sequoia National Park and John Muir Trail: updated: Also Redwood National Park!
  7. San Diego Gaslamp district
  8. Whiskey a Go Go
    I just have to see the Whiskey. I mean such classic acts have played there, it's a must.
  9. Disneyland/California Adventure from open to close *Ill be doing this in two weeks!*
    I tried once but we only made it to 8pm and the park closes at 12. I'm determined to ride each ride once and my three favorite rides, California Screaming, Indiana Jones and Haunted Mansion, at least 3 or 4 times.:)
  10. The Getty ✔️ and Getty Villa
    I go to the Getty almost once a month. The Villa is in Malibu but I didn't make it when I was there.
  11. Griffith Observatory ✔️
    At sunset is of course the best.
  12. Hollywood Bowl ✔️
    I'm seeing Bon Iver in October!!!🙌🏼❤️ EDIT: It was the best show I went to this year. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  13. Malibu ✔️
  14. The Pond to see the Ducks ✔️
    It's called Honda Center now
  15. Surfing at Salt Creek
  16. Dodger Stadium ✔️
    The best was going up to the highest level and seeing the LA skyline at night.
  17. Angel Stadium ✔️
  18. Joshua Tree
    I can't wait. My friend went last month and showed me a pic of the night sky. It was *filled* w stars. beautiful!
  19. To see a Great White in SF bay
  20. Huntington Library/Pasadena ✔️
  21. Camping at Doheny or San Onofre
  22. Yosemite ✔️
    And I made it a point to visit Mariposa Grove just in case I can't meet General Sherman. Mariposa Grove and El Capitan were by far my favorite sites.
  23. Six Flags
  24. to see the LA Philharmonic
  25. A speakeasy in San Diego
  26. To meet a Marine in Oceanside ✔️
    (I've met quite a few and also dated 1. And don't laugh this was on my list. Two of my high school friends were stationed there at Pendleton so I knew it's likely I would visit.:)
  27. Taping of Ellen, the only daytime show I love. ✔️
    It was awesome and worth it, to me. If you go, wait in line and then they don't seat you, you get to pick the day you want to come back and are guaranteed a seat. We wound up coming back on a day Ryan Reynolds was there.😍
  28. Wine tasting in Sonoma ✔️
    Well, my friends lived there so I did have wine but not at a vineyard
  29. Berkeley ✔️
  30. Solvang
  31. Snowboarding at Big Bear
  32. Lake Arrowhead ✔️
  33. Julian for a slice of apple pie
  34. Also, some things aren't on here because in the first year I was here I did them accidentally. Like getting lost by myself and winding up on the Santa Monica Pier. Or the time I went to Venice for a show my friend was playing at a coffee shop.
    I think going to the Pier in a rainstorm qualifies as a bucket list memory:) @justjills
  35. Also, because I'm on the coast there are some things I also wanted to check off my list since I'm in decent proximity to: Vegas ✔️, Grand Canyon, Portland and Seattle.
    The drive to Vegas is only 4.5 if you don't speed but it's two lanes and spooky, to me. During the Mojave stretch, both there and back, I saw a car on fire on the side of the road. And gas is 5 x as expensive if you don't fill up before you leave Victorville or after Barstow. I learned the hard way.
  36. Catching the sunrise and sunset same day✔️
    Leap day this year. It was so sweet, I even listed about it.
  37. fin.💙
  38. *updated as of 03/17* Still have a handful to go.✨