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My Favorite Southern California Beaches, With One Memory About Each

best LR so far.💛thanks @andersun
  1. This is a list about my local beaches.💙
  2. Laguna
    I'm often here for night walks. Also as of my 1st month in California I frequented the two gay bars dwtn and made friends w regulars so stopping at the beach to chill for a bit was routine. I also made friends w a homeless guy who would chill on the corner of 3rd on the east side of PCH. He was really cool and I was a little bummed when he hitched a ride to Florida a yr after. His name was Dan. That was 12 years ago so I'll clearly never forget him, or his dog.
  3. Salt Creek
    So many.💙 Packing drinks and the chairs and hiking it down to this beach was always sweet. There's a grassy hill that we would go ice block sledding on in the winter. I also was body boarding at this beach one time and a wave slammed me into the sand, head first. I almost got knocked unconscious. My nose was bleeding and I could barely walk. I wound up with a scrape that started at my nose, past my lips onto my chin. I still want to learn to surf but I don't ever want to body board again.
  4. Strands
    Morning walks. Strands has a set of stairs that take forever to walk down. But it's a decent stretch of beach that, bc of those stairs, isn't crowded early morning so the walks are peaceful and quiet. The fog is lingering and you just hear your breathing and the waves. It's calming and I don't do it enough.
  5. Hole in The Fence (Capo)
    Bonfires 🔥There were times where they had the pits removed for cleaning and so we brought a hallowed out washer tub that we set on cement blocks loll. It worked great:) So many bonfires at this beach. Some chill and some musical too. We'd meet up at full moon, each w their instruments, and jam. So much fun.❤️
  6. North Beach
    Bonfires and walking. A trail goes from the curve at the 1 to the San Clemente pier and it's nice to sometimes be on a trail and not on the sand but still that close to the water. Often busy but the pits are good there too. Many birthday bonfires celebrated there too. Oh and there's also a coffee shop called Kelani Coffee that serves bomb hawaiian shaved ice right there across from the train station.
  7. Aliso Creek
    It's where the drain-off from the hills go so don't swim there but, if I've had a bad day and the sun is almost setting I can still make it there to cop a squat in the sand to catch it (the parking lot is right next to the sand so no walking). If I don't care then the grass hill at Salt Creek is perfect. But I've often caught some of my favorite sunsets here.💛
  8. Newport
    Sunsets after work. Also running to this beach on lunch hour and rolling up my pants, shedding my shoes and letting the water cool me off and get me back on track after a crazy morning. Sometimes I wouldn't get all the sand off and/or my pants wet and I was spoken to about it loll. But I didn't care:)
  9. Doheny
    I enjoy the tiny little slice of beach on the north side of the harbor, right by the Ocean Institute. There are a bunch of huge rocks in the water so the waves split. It's peaceful. Sometimes we'd come here to just sit and play guitar bc there are benches since the jetty is to the left. Also, I'm camping on the south side of this beach at the state park this Thanksgiving with my friend so I'll be checking off 'Camping at Doheny' on my CA bucket list.✔️It'll be sweet:)
  10. This was a list that I know down the line, long after I've moved I'll have appreciated making. So many good memories.❤️