Inspired by @amieshmamie and her thought provoking, sweetly stated list.✨
  1. A New York visit, late fall/early winter every other year.
  2. To never give up hope for my mom to heal her mind and my dad to quit drinking.
  3. A doctorate in the study of Happiness.
  4. To live fearlessly.
  5. Three children
    Sub-want: To also hopefully be foster parents for teens in the system, providing a safe home full of laughter and love, helping the YA out of the Social Services cycle into self support/transitional housing.
  6. A library for my books and vinyl and an upright piano with a seat that can hold the sheet music.
  7. To have sex and intimate connection with my husband often, and with abandon.
  8. To keep my youthful spirit alive always.
  9. The strength to always give what's needed in all areas of my life.
  10. For both my niece and my sister to know, and really believe, how loved they are.
  11. A tiny bushel of friendships, unique in their own ways and genuine to what we give one another.
  12. To never misplace my mojo ever again.