October 🍁

Why do I heart this month so much?
  1. I like the way the name rolls out of the mouth. It's the click with that snap of the T in the Oct, the toe in to, and the shiver in ber.
  2. I like celebrating on the last day of the month.
  3. Speaking of which, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Ranking has always been between Halloween and Thanksgiving for the #1 spot.
  4. Sweater weather legitimately sets in
  5. The nights are longer
  6. I like the scary vibe. Well, I'm personally a wuss but I like being scared, getting the goosebumps and adrenaline pumps.
  7. One of my favorite things to make is roasting a butternut squash. Add butter, drizzle with maple syrup and close with a dash of brown sugar.
  8. I like Octobers decor bc of Halloween; spider webs, tapered candles, cute little Hallmark ghosts and black kittens.
  9. I also dig the retarded plastic ghosts/witches and severed heads that make noise when you walk by in CVS or Walgreens. So stupid but funny!
  10. I like going to the costume stores that all of a sudden appear in the run down/closed Borders, and only for this month.
  11. I like hearing the home games at the local high school football field from the front porch
  12. Scarves
  13. Caramel apples
  14. Sending out Happy Halloween cards to people I love
  15. Watching classic scary movies. Some of my favorites include any Hammer produced Dracula movie, House, any Vincent Price movie feat stories from EAP like Pit and the Pendulum, the original Fright Night and The Shining.
    I'm weak sauce but that's okay:) I'll watch new ones too but I have requirements.
  16. I start cookies this month, I don't wait till Christmas. I like making sugar ghosts and vampires. I'll give them as gifts to co workers and friends.
  17. I like skulls and they're everywhere this month.
    I think they're cool
  18. The chill evening air
  19. Apple cider and fry cakes w cinnamon
  20. Going to the Fair
  21. Being retrospective since the year is coming to a close in just a few short months.
  22. Throwing on some Miles and making a cup of chai.
  23. Giving candy out to cute faces and seeing all the costumes.
  24. Plugging in my space heater
  25. Watching The Munsters and Alfred Hitchcock
  26. Shopping for things like throw blankets, cinnamon scented candles and wood for the bonfires