Reasons I'm lovable

a for me list. *mental note: don't be vulnerable with mom, esp before a work day.✔️
  1. I can learn your favorite song on guitar and fingerpick it for you when you're feeling sad
  2. I'd share my Triple A services if you needed help.
  3. I'm trustworthy.
  4. I can make a bomb breakfast burrito
  5. I have rosy cheeks and a button nose so I'm not beautiful and intimidating but approachable and easy to talk to.
  6. I'd give you my shirt if you needed one.
  7. I like adventure but am also very much a homebody too.
  8. I'll usually share what's awesome about you. Reminders are always good.
  9. I always empty out the dishwasher.
  10. My sarcasm fluency is at an all time low so that's always a safe bet for kindness.
  11. If you need to be left alone or in need of a bear hug, I got you.
  12. I would never eat the last of your favorite food.
  13. I fully adhere to the laws of shotgun and fives.