Return to sender

  1. Before Christmas, even before I got my sweet secret santa gift, @justjills and I spoke about Christmas gifts. The funny thing being that we both shared we had something for the other one without knowing the other had planned on sending a gift.
    great minds think alike.
  2. Hers was mailed the week we spoke and as time passed I soon got a text asking if it arrived? Come to find out it was returned to sender due to the address.
  3. Then, I wind up proofreading and giving the ok on the wrong address!! It was off by one number so yet again it gets returned to sender. And mind you this is North Carolina to California and back again, twice now.
  4. Well, I get home late last night and there is a package on the table for me, it finally arrived!! I have no idea what it is and am super intrigued because again, neither of us knew the other was doing this!
  5. I open it to find this! I LOVE when my friends share their creativity and talent and I have the perfect spot to hang this.💛
    "You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé." #truth
  6. A book she explained was her favorite for 2016. I'm very much looking forward to reading this!
  7. The letter N and stationary I like.👌🏼I will most definitely use it.
  8. And not 1 but 2 cds of music!❤Can this be any more perfect? Nope.
  9. Of course to close, a heartfelt note that I will save.💙The back and forth of this package might've been annoying but tbh, the timing of its arrival was absolutely perfect.
  10. Thanks again @justjills!😘I'm so appreciative of your amazing thoughtfulness and our listship!!☺💙
  11. edit: and hers will arrive this week hopefully so the timing really did work out loll