Richard Learoyd

He was featured at The Getty when I visited yesterday.
  1. The visit was actually a breath of fresh air for me. I haven't been to the museum alone in quite a while so I got to spend some time with each exhibit.
    I still found myself on the Impressionists floor to visit my usuals, Monet and Degas, but overall I spent the most time at the London Calling exhibit (feat artists from London) and also in the S wing where they always feature photography.
  2. Richard Learoyd was the featured photographer and this is the one I can't get off my mind. It's a bother that the glass makes a reflection so I didn't stand in front of it and also waited until no one else was walking by. Titled, Man With Octopus Tattoo II.
  3. But when you look at him sitting there. It just hits my gut in a way I can't explain. And there's so much about it. The tattoo, his hand and the grasp he has, his nudity and how it feels so vulnerable.
  4. And it touches base on things in my life that I feel are stuck to me like this octopus
  5. wrapping its tentacles around my sides gives me some space to breath but I can feel it there. Suctioned on and not letting go.
  6. This one made me think too. It's by Lucian Freud titled Woman Sleeping.
    Her structure, curves and the way her drew her as she slept just rambled in my brain.
  7. And then this piece by R.B. Kitaj titled Erasmus Variations.
    In the description it said that each face represents a woman that the artist knew fleetingly. The faces were derived from doodles taken by a 16th century human scholar, Erasmus.
  8. And this one titled The Deer Park by Michael Andrews, inspired from the novel by Norman Mailer.
    people. faceless heads. blank stares. I want to read the book.