Shooting Star

I can't sleep.✨
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    Just a week or so ago it was around 9pm and as I was driving I found myself looking a bit up toward the night sky.
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    In the moment between street lights therefore leaving the view completely clear, I saw a burst of light flash and then fall to the right.
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    It was big enough that it caught my eye. My first thought was "Damn, that is not a firecracker." My second thought was "Holy shit it's a meteor and we're going to die."πŸ˜‚
    Both split second thoughts bc I then knew what it was😍
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    It then began to fall to the right making a beautiful arc and leaving a bright yellow/gold tail behind it. I'd say within ten seconds it then poofed and was gone.
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    My heart burst and I instinctively made a wish.
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    I found myself so excited that I even had to share that I saw my first real shooting star.
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    I wish on the 1st night star I see, every night. It's not always the same wish, but I'm pretty consistent with the very few things I think about deep down.
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    A shooting star is dreamy to me though.
    Idk, it's like, extra special.
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    In general I love dusk, nighttime and even early dawn with a sunrise.
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    The very best is the moon, when it's big and bright or even sometimes when the clouds are slowly passing by it and it's that cool, creepy look. So awesome.
    Even better is when you're talking to someone far away and they see it also. It still creates a tiny awe in me that we can both see it and yet there is so much space in between. I think those moments are pretty awesome.❀
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    But the stars are my favorite. So very many, too. Some of the best star gazing is when you're camping. It's gorgeous.
    The best is sitting in your camping chair as the fire is almost died out and you lean back, look up and there they are. And you're warm from the fire but your face gets a little cold from the slight breeze so you just fix your cap or hoodie and continue to look into the midnight blue sky just covered in stars as the clouds float by. So awesome.😍
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  13. β€’
    "Star light, star bright
  14. β€’
    First star I see tonight.
  15. β€’
    I wish I may, I wish I might
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    Please grant me the wish I wish tonight."
    Then close your eyes and make a wish✨
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