Inspired by @amieshmamie 📂
  1. Being willing to listen or even asking me 'Do you want me to listen?' before interjecting.
  2. Baking cookies that turn out just right.
  3. Achieving peace in the soul.
  4. Forgiveness regarding a level of loss I've yet to understand.
  5. Giving of ones time or money with no motive.
  6. Kindness in the face of rudeness.
  7. Being able to make others laugh.
    My skills include hugs and affirmations but not wit and top notch humor.
  8. Verbal confidence.
  9. Seeing someone say no when they need to.
  10. Commitment.
  11. Those beautiful souls who take the role of "Mom" for all that it is and meet their own needs so they can successfully meet their children's needs.
  12. Maintaining your kindness.
    I've only met one person over the last 10 years who has never once made me feel anything other than cared for and accepted over the course of our friendship. No ups and downs, no moody changes. I adore him for this and it's a character trait I wish for.
  13. On point sarcasm.
  14. The act of love in the face of hate.
  15. The ability to succeed at weight loss and also the ability to break an addiction.
    Both take levels of mindful love and self care that I most times can only hope for. I have so much respect and admiration witnessing success in those areas of people lives.