1. 2am quiet at 6pm
  2. The way snow can make the evening skyglow hues of warm vanilla or cotton candy pink
  3. Snowshoes and quiet hikes
  4. The slushy whoosh of a car going by when it's been a few hours after snowfall
  5. Opening a window and the burst of cold takes your breath away
  6. Running to the car shivering while blowing on my hands saying brrr
  7. The workout from shoveling. And total bonus if your loved one has a hot drink ready for you.
  8. The bright of the mid day sun reflecting off the snow making you squint and sometimes sneeze
  9. Hearing the beeeeeep from the national storm center stating there will be a snow storm in affect tonight for 'these counties'.
  10. Taking the coffee can and sprinkling salt on the front porch steps for the mailman. I always overdid it
  11. Melting icicles and the drip noise it would make as it hit the metal of the gutter drain on the ground.
    Ting. Ting. Ting.
  12. The quiet it provokes in your heart
  13. The flush of your cheeks and sometimes nose