A for me list.
  1. My sister and I grew up around alcohol and to this day it's still prevalent in my family, both immediate and extended. I have my own story regarding it but earlier this week I had a conversation about it with my sister.
  2. She has been sober 6 years.
    I'm so incredibly proud of her.❤
  3. 6 years of being DD to her friends, her fiancé, not taking a drink when life gets hard or even when she just wants to drink something cold and refreshing on a hot day.
  4. I sometimes forget about her dealing with alcoholism bc I was gone when she was finally on her own. I had no idea she even struggled with it since we were such opposites growing up. It wasn't until she told me she in AA that I knew about it.
  5. Her stories are for her to tell but the fact that one day she had enough and stopped cold turkey, not to look back, impresses me to no end. I hope the very best for her always and that she celebrates 60 more years of sobriety if that's what she wants or needs.
  6. It makes think about my own journey with drinking. It's been a rough road but one that's now settled into non issue.
  7. But I think about how I still drink sometimes and how she wiped it right out of her life. Can I do that? Can I not drink just to not drink?
  8. It stirs in me a challenge and part of me immediately says, "pshhh of course you can. No worries." But then there's a teeny tiny part of me that feels uncomfortable with putting a limit on myself.
  9. Hm. I think it's time for a challenge. If for nothing else bc of the stir I had to "not" limit myself. No drinks as of rn for the next 30 days.
    I don't drink daily but will sometimes have drinks with dinner when I'm w friends, go out for a happy hour once in a while or celebrate with drinks for most special occasions so I'll be refraining for sure, esp over Memorial Day weekend. Even tomorrow when I'm out for a birthday celebration.
  10. It's a personal challenge and rn I could use it. I think this would be a good "just because" one.
    Maybe carbs will be next. HA! Just teasing;)
  11. So it's settled: my mini hiatus from Chardonnay, Sapphire martini's and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale's(what I usually drink) will last until Monday June 19th. I think I got this but I'm in no place to act like I do. I've seen what alcohol does to people I love and I've also had it directly affect my life in very big ways.
  12. I'm not successful being able to casually drink years after I was forced to stop bc of me directly. I feel like I'm lucky. Lucky and also surrounded by love. And that made all the difference.
  13. ☕️Cheers to pushing the envelope and hopefully accomplishing something I purposely put my mind to.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼
  14. Update: As of June 24, 2017 I've not had anything to drink! I did it!!👏🏼👏🏼It wasn't automatically easy, I did have a tug at a happy hour for a friend's bday and also some very personal bad days but I reinforced two things that were never this easy for me in the past:
    1) Stay confident, even when someone you love is saying "just one!" Just look them in the eye as you sip your iced tea and change the subject if they don't let up. Also, mentioning they'll save $$ on Uber bc you're driving helps quiet them sometimes and 2) Find better ways to get your mind off things but that still are fun. For me it's dorky but I like writing songs for people I love and swimming/sauna at the gym. Those things help when I'm hurt and I need a break from feeling it.
  15. Also, thank you for listening and being supportive.❤