still can't sleep

a for me list so no worries if you don't even read.
  1. I can't believe Star Wars celebrated 40 years last week. I kind of dig that it released the same year I was born:)
  2. Greg Allman died and that bummed me out for reals. The Allman Bros were a band my dad introduced me to as a little kid. Live at the Filmore East is an album I'll not soon forget.
    I even called my dad to tell him. He was bummed too.
  3. Washington is crazy beautiful. Like blew my mind. And I can't wait to post all my pics from May when I have time.💕
  4. I went to some really cool local bookstores while I was here. I still hope to get to one more before I leave.📚✨
  5. Leslie Knope pinky promised something on an episode I watched tonight and that made me laugh:)
  6. I've done my research and got to where I'm now focused on what specific paths to take regarding my career. I took numerous personality and career tests and this weekend after some real thought, two things appeared consistently. I am both excited and hopeful about my future and the changes I'm going to make!:)
    I've done a lot in this general area of work(Sociology) but I look forward to leaning into specifics! #happyforthisdecision
  7. I'm secretly addicted to hostess Cupcakes rn. I'm about to eat the 2nd half of one and it's 1am. I shouldn't be eating at this time of night but guess what. I'm on vacation:)
  8. Did I stress how beautiful Washington was? If not I need to.💙
  9. I'm looking forward to connecting with Alan when I get home. He's still helping me with my health goals and I don't know exactly what he has planned but I'm excited. He is awesome and knows me well so I know it'll be good.
  10. It's Memorial Day today. I have a few people to call.
  11. I learned how to make salmon patties tonight. I can't wait to replicate this at home and hope it's enjoyed:)
  12. This bed is so comfortable but tonight it's been hard to fall asleep. I suppose being on list instead of making noise, and potentially waking up my friend in her own house, is helpful lol.
    I kind of wish I was home but I'm getting more sleepy so I think I'll crash rn.
  13. Hope you all enjoy your Monday no matter what you're doing!!:D💕✨