a for me list.
  1. sometimes I just don't have it.
  2. sometimes it doesn't last and I say in my heart to whatever is pummeling me, "You've won.", as I put my head in my hands and cry.
  3. sometimes I cant figure out where I went wrong bc I never want to feel this again.
  4. sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and that makes me feel trapped and without it, I can't see a way out.
  5. But then there are times it shows itself.
  6. It's when twenty tears turn into just two.
  7. And you can look in the mirror and still love what you see no matter what scars you have.
  8. And you can stand on your hopes and your happiness and feel OK because it's valuable and worth it.
  9. And you can love and receive love bc you know it's there and it makes your heart smile.
  10. And you can fight off Depression with a swipe of your hand and send it on its way.
  11. Those are the moments I wish would last.