live listing
  1. I just went for some fast food for lunch
    yes, not the best idea but so be it
  2. I'm so glad I did tho bc the sweetheart who took my money is the same lady who I used to see homeless/rummaging thru trash cans for recycling years ago!!!
    I worked for this company starting in '10 so it's been a while since I've seen her.
  3. She of course didn't recognize me but I recognized her bc we had a few conversations back then!✨⭐️✨
  4. I never knew her total story, just that she was in need. And I could've helped WAY more I'm sure but to see her again a minute ago, looking ✨healthy✨, wearing lipstick with her hair up💅🏼and being engaging when she repeated my order made my heart smile!!!!!
  5. It's just so cool.♥️