Taking a poll...

📂 Inspired by @dad3 You can only have one of each for the rest of your life from what I remember. I think I hesitated to fill this one out bc I was unable to decide. I still don't know but here are today's guesses.
  1. Movie: Life Is Beautiful
    I think this movie is a classic. I'm perfectly fine with the subtitles and love the score.
  2. Book: Tuesday's With Morrie by Mitch Albom
    Morrie was a beautiful soul whose wisdom was spot on. A short, heartfelt read I could reread at any point.
  3. Album: Frank Sinatra, The Capitol Years
    He never gets old.❤️
  4. Food: Noodles
    Any style or with any addition, noodles are the most versatile. Even if you force me to eat them with just butter and salt, I can.
  5. Tv show: Project Runway
    I loved every season
  6. Complete outfit: A spaghetti strap midnight blue sundress right above the knee with a pair of Rainbows and a scarf and cardigan in case it gets chilly.
  7. Car: '72 Nova
    I'll try my best to fix anything myself too
  8. Piece of art: The Star by Degas
    I'm a fangirl of Monet but this piece by Degas overrides all of that. Maybe it's the actress in me, I just love this picture.💗
  9. I would still pick these even today.⭐️ @gd3 how long ago was that prev acct, was it your 1st?