The Bernard Pivot Questionnaire (Inside the Actors Studio)

  1. Favorite Word: beautiful
    It's a word that encompasses so much, to me.
  2. Least favorite word: sallow
    It gives me shivers, idkw
  3. Turn ons: Intelligence, humor and an excellent kisser
    If you can discuss Bonhoeffer, say a witty remark at no persons expense (maybe your own to show light heartedness) and deliver a soft and slow French kiss....can we meet?
  4. Turn offs: Sexual pressure, self absorption and gross feet.
    Pedi not required but keep the toe nails trimmed and your ingrown in check.
  5. Favorite curse word: Fuck
    I like how it begins by squeezing out of your mouth having jumped off your bottom lip and ends with a click at the back of your throat.
  6. Favorite sound: I have three. Waves, rain on the roof of a car and a British accent.
  7. Least favorite sound: A child crying, but not the ouch cry. I get shivers when I hear the "Mommy, NO" cries with the screeching and exasperated sobbing. I work in a building where there is a ped's office down the hall. Sometimes parents will use the bathroom across from our door and I'll hear them and have to distract myself.
  8. Profession I'd like to attempt: Pianist or Violinist for the LA Philharmonic
  9. Profession I wouldn't like to attempt: Realtor
  10. Finally, if heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say at the pearly gates: See? Your grandma always knew. *gives me a soft knuckle sandwich and a big hug*