The city.🌃

a for me list in honor of today.
  1. Your hot, humid, sticky summer days where you sweat just walking down the street and dive into a store for an air conditioned break.
  2. Your homeless and their needs, and the ways you've always cultivated in me to share a cigarette, a dollar, a gyro, a cup of coffee on a winter day.
  3. Your pace. The high anxiety, forceful, fast paced ridiculous energy that wears your soul thin but with a sigh of accomplishment.
  4. Your moments; my memories.❤️
  5. Your parks. The respite it gives is real.
  6. Your entertainment; bars, shows, music, that lifeline to 3am jazz and a 2 pm brunch the next day.
  7. Your fall; the colors, the wind blowing through the trees and making it snow leaves.
  8. Your kindness, acceptance, strength.❤️