Requested by Brett 7

The Story Behind My Current Profile Pic

loll @BWN_7 I didn't even think anyone would notice tbh.:p
  1. I've been in a place where right now I need courage to keep going forward with my plans
  2. and before the year ends life will change for me but it's taking a long time:/
  3. My profile is a picture of Royal Tenenbaum
    from the movie The Royal Tenenbaums
  4. as he is taking his grandsons out to 'Chop it up!'
  5. I thought the picture funny bc the director Wes Anderson is hilarious and who would set chairs and a table up to jump off of into a pool other than Royal.
  6. I found it inspiring.✨He says to Etheline that they need some action in their lives.
  7. I do also! It's been 8 years since I've shaken my life up, jumped into a public pool, ran in front of traffic, threw water balloons at a passing car or (for me) decided against someone else's dream and instead pursuing my own⭐️
  8. And that just so happens to manifest into the adventure ahead for my life.:)
  9. But☝🏼️I need the POW. 👊🏼The BAM. 👊🏼The CHOP!
  10. to make sure I don't settle back into my shell here in California
  11. and retire into the sea.
  12. With patience it also takes a ton of confidence and also belief in yourself. It's hard to stay pumped up when your plans take months or years instead of overnight.
  13. So yeah. #choppinituppp
    And bc I'm a dork.
  14. **Because of this update, its interesting to read and enjoy that things are on track as I had hoped and I made it;) I think Royal needs to be retired:)
    Thanks for reading btw. Hope these lists haven't been bothersome. Just a few more I think.