The Time I Drunk-Dialled Miss Cleo

@theshome you are too funny. thanks for the LR
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    It began by seeing the infomercial one day.
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    At 22 I couldn't care less but wanted to know certain things of course. And it was advertised she could solve people's issues, speak to those that have since passed away, gave advice about future love etc.
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    But I'm not really into fortune telling tho I like to read astrology and 'let's see if my sign matches w his sign' stuff;) I never take it seriously but it's funny sometimes.
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    Needless to say, sober and aware, I'm not ever going to call. Why would I?
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    One evening I come home after work(I'm a bartender at the time) and I'm feeling pretty buzzed. Jeremy went to crash and I want someone to talk to. So I call Cleo.
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    Mind you, I was pretty drunk but I'll never forget this convo(for the most part) mostly bc of the bill😒
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    I get a woman who begins asking me questions about me; name, age, etc.
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    And instead of answering her I begin to ask *her questions.
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    I start off with asking about her and she shares that she's a single mom, yes she does this full time, she lives in South Carolina, no she doesn't know Cleo personally
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    I remember asking her how do you actually get a job as a psychic and she told me that she has always had the powers and that you need to take a test they give you.
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    She keeps trying to give me my future and mind you I'm pretty tipsy so I keep avoiding her and asking real life questions. All she keeps saying in between is "Let me tell you your future."
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    I brush her off saying no, no that's ok. I don't want to know. I'd be too freaked out. I'm not into it. I just want to know what it's like being a psychic.
    Oh goodness I was drunk. I'm surprised I didn't tell her I wanted to meet her
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    I talked to her long enough that when I get my next phone bill, it's like $200 over the normal.🤦🏻‍♀️
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    I'm immediately like whoa!!! having forgotten I did this and I call Verizon asking them to explain? They tell me to look at the statement and point out the "1-800" number I called. I was on the phone w this stranger for nearly 20 minutes.😂