Things I'm comfy saying I know a lot about and a few things I'm comfy admitting I know nothing of

  1. I know a lot about very little I think.
    I mean this but that's also me judging me, being hard on myself and also insecure.
  2. But, one thing I know of and am comfortable saying with confidence: Don't give up on love.
    And that doesn't just mean romantic, I mean this for anyone. Anyone who's been abused physically or mentally, anyone who has felt lonely and not just alone, anyone starved for basic needs, anyone who is confused and hurt, anyone who has let the worst of something get the best of them. Anyone who knows the pain of significant loss. Anyone who is in recovery from anything. Anyone who is missing real love. Anyone who just needs a hug. Don't give up.
  3. A few things I feel comfy saying I know nothing about:
  4. Foundation (make up)
  5. What hot dogs are made of
    Rat parts? Pig toes? Chicken beaks? Idk.
  6. What men want/need sometimes.
  7. Breeds of dogs and cats.
    Instead I have my "Cute", "Absolutely adorable" and "No way" that I tend to lump most of them up in:)
  8. The latest in style/fashion
    I try but often wind up either justifying why I can't spend that kind of money or convincing myself my Chucks can be worn with practically anything;)