Things I'm Good* At Making

Inspired by @BWN_7 Completely subjective list✨
  1. Time fly at work by listening to good music.
  2. Dinner more than breakfast but I #humblebrag about my blueberry muffins and breakfast burrito's;)
  3. A cup of coffee that hits the spot 💯
  4. A space feel comfortable.
  5. The tent warm by using rocks. And also always having an extra pair of socks on hand. I actually carry two and it never fails that I loan out both pair.
  6. A s'more 💯
  7. Someone feel appreciated.
    Bc they are, of course!!
  8. Homemade spaghetti sauce.
    I think I've perfected it you guys!!👌🏼
  9. A deal at the thrift shop.
  10. Somewhere on time. If I'm not, it's bc I have an issue. An example would be work😂😉
  11. Surprises.
    Plans, gifts or just hello's.
  12. My niece giggle. I tickle her in this spot right on her side that cracks her up. I love it!