Things I wish I could say to you

Inspired by @mayla same: various yous, no context✨
  1. I miss your kisses
  2. Can you quit hurting others and help instead
  3. I wish I could run away, would you be interested?
  5. You are incredibly funny and I find that endearing
  6. I'm jealous of your life and I can't escape that feeling right now
  7. I hope you know how much you're loved
  8. I can't stand you and that bothers me
  9. You aren't the center of the universe
  10. I love you
  11. This change has been hard to deal with
  12. Your smile lights up the room
  13. Please don't forget about me
  14. I'm sorry I hurt you
  15. I don't trust this
  16. I'm here if you need
  17. I wish on stars about you