Things to do on your extra day off, ranked.

april seventeenth, two thousand seventeen
  1. 23.
    Chores like cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry.
  2. 22.
    Binge watch Netflix/HBO
  3. 21.
    Going thru the mail pile on your desk
  4. 20.
    Subsequently pay bills/monthly support
  5. 19.
    Finish spring cleaning your room
    I've lost steam but know I need to.
  6. 18.
    Call someone you haven't spoken to in a long time just to say hello and hear how they've been
    I have someone in mind
  7. 17.
    Read more of HP
    I am still determined.
  8. 16.
    Signing up for Ballet classes
    They start next week💯💕💕💕
  9. 15.
    Write bc you have so much to say
  10. 14.
    Done. The wind is fierce running toward the water. My face felt like it was getting windburn.
  11. 13.
    Buy tickets to your first baseball game of the season 🙌🏼❤
  12. 12.
    Check off more on your yearly bucket list and updating because you have exactly three months to go✔️
  13. 11.
    Keep remembering that love does not go to waste and everything comes back to you.
    I want to believe this so bad
  14. 10.
    Have a really good cup of tea
  15. 9.
    Don't cancel evening plans
    Stick to this list and balance busyness with self care!!!
  16. 8.
    Take an extra long shower after your workout
  17. 7.
    Pray/Meditate for peace and that the US stop all attacks everywhere, not just Syria.
    I started feeling this in 1996 and I'll never give up doing so. It's a daily hope.
  18. 6.
    Make a trip to Laura's House Resale Store to say hi to the girls and donate(do not throw away even tho it's easier!) any and all stuff from spring clean sesh after washing/cleaning it up.
    All sales go to Laura's House, a DV shelter for women and children. I used to run childcare for them on Tuesday and Wednesday nights while the ladies had group mtgs. I think I need to volunteer here again. I miss those kids:)
  19. 5.
    Maybe stop at Armstrong's Nursery and buy yourself some flowers🌻
    Succulent's and orchids w inspiration due to some recent listers
  20. 4.
    Make plans to see one of your best friends in Seattle for Memorial Day weekend✨
  21. 3.
    Catch up with your sister
  22. 2.
    Surf list and don't nag yourself that you have so much to do;)
  23. 1.
    Accept that whether you do it all or absolutely nothing, it doesn't matter. These things, they don't matter. What matters are people, and love, and making sure you're always being your authentic self.
    It's the only way to live, yeah?