1. Tonight was the last night I'll give Rebecca a ride home.
  2. Before she got out of the car she told me her story.
  3. She's from another state and she's a mom and a grandma. But she didn't share detail until, "When I got the call my mother died, I practically had a stroke, I even needed to go to the ER. I gave up on life."
  4. And the rest of her story had situations that you or I may have avoided.
  5. I think we are the same - humans who have life inside us. but something changed her. And I'm not protected from that. It could happen to me.
  6. What is different about our lives?
  7. I don't know that either but I'm nothing better than this beautiful soul who wears dirty clothes and can't stay in the lines with her crimson red lipstick or matching nails.
    Her eyeliner is always on point tho👌🏼
  8. And if in fact it's biological and she needs meds or psychological and needs therapy, I hope she wants it/can get it. I seek those things if I need them. It still doesn't make me any different though. I just can't process trauma without it and she processes with a lifestyle I couldn't handle.
  9. And I wished I could introduce her to you guys.
  10. I would say, "Becky, there are people all over the world who I chat with basically once a day if not more, who are kind and often show me friendship. And we've never even met in person. I want you to meet some of them."
  11. And that's just you guys. I want her to meet my sister and niece, my bffs here in town, the dear friends I still have back in MI.
  12. I think it's bc I never realized how much relationships keep me from making decisions that may harm me or not turn out well. Just by reciprocal care. I do believe she needs to take responsibility as an adult, as much as she can, for herself yes. *But it helps when you have support.*
  13. I asked her what her relationships were like and she said she hasn't seen her family in years and her three best friends are the homeless guys who live near the scaffolding too.
  14. I told her she can always look me up if she ever comes back. Oh, to finish her story, she is leaving to go get her inheritance from her sister who kept it from her. She believes it will turn out good and not get ugly. I wished her the best.
  15. I also wanted to buy her some ranch, for the road, but we ran out of time and the guy from Chronic Tacos scared me when he walked up to my car to tell her "Rodriguez is back."
  16. I unloaded the back seat which again only consisted of a blanket and three bags. She had one extra grocery bag full of something fluffy and said it was gifts from Disneyland she wanted to give to her grandkids.
  17. Then she got teary eyed and gave me a hug goodbye. She smelled like baby powder.