1. At church tonight I volunteered to take Rebecca home.
  2. She is a woman who I'm guessing is in her 50s and wears red lipstick that goes outside of her lip line once in a while.
  3. She is also homeless. Tonight was the first time I really got to talk to her.
  4. My friend Jake who brings her couldn't give her a ride home so he asked me and yes of course I'll help.
  5. I walked out to my car ahead of her as we leave and I see that he put her stuff in my backseat; a sleeping mat, blanket and three bags.
  6. This is her stuff. Just that.
  7. I've seen her around but never talked with her. So we're talking as I'm driving and she is telling me her stories of the street and the conversations she has with others and how things will hopefully be changing for her soon. She thinks she may get a job and also a car *and a room for rent! I'm so happy for her!!!
  8. She sleeps at a small construction site with some scaffolding and cement blocks in a parking lot near the beach.
  9. I drop her off, ask if she needs anything and she says no, she's fine and says goodbye so I go home.
  10. To my bed. And hot shower. And leftovers from last nights dinner.
  11. And I think to myself rationally; part of her life is choice. But part of it isn't.
  12. I can't wait to help her home next week and ask her if I can help out in any other way again. Hopefully she'll let me.
  13. Sometimes it's when you're not thinking about it that you get the chance to help someone.