When you're quiet in your soul💕

  1. When you're quiet in your soul and the world is somewhere else, what do you see?
  2. Is it a garden, a beach, the Northern Lights, El Capitan at sunset?
  3. Or a dining room table set for ten and the oven is warm, baking your favorite dish to share?
  4. Do you feel the moonglow on your skin or maybe the warm gold heat of the setting sun?
  5. When you're quiet in your soul what do you hear?
  6. Your child saying "I love you, too." or your favorite verse from a favorite song?
  7. Is it water babbling through the rocks and over the edge in a hushed whoosh making you relax with every breath.
  8. Or the sound of an organ playing Take Me Out to the Ballgame and the roar of a crowd that then gives you goosebumps.
  9. Or maybe it's the sound of silence, after the snow fall and you open your window to embrace the gust of cold air and listen to the quiet of the world for just a moment.
  10. What do you feel when you're quiet in your soul?
  11. Unknown?
  12. Gratitude?
  13. Fear?
  14. Courage?
  15. What do I feel when I'm quiet in my soul?💕✨
    Excitement. A peace beyond me. A softness. A positive energy. Music. A glow in my heart.