Why am I attracted to you?

A list of things I find attractive in others that I can later use to analyze all the things wrong with me psychologically (probably rooting back to my childhood obvi)
  1. Ruthless savagery committed by male characters on tv shows - like with Lucious on Empire
  2. Guys who vaguely look like they used to be drug addicts and may or may not be currently
  3. Androgynous women reading books I wish I had the patience to read -usually seen behind coffee shops or smoking cigarettes in random places
  4. People with visible tattoos that were def expensive/painful paired with an on-purpose hipster vibe
  5. Guys who don't know how to verbalize their feelings and expect me to do all the emotional labor
  6. People I can't figure out/understand easily which makes it possible for me to analyze them through the course of an emotionally and mentally exhausting friendship
  7. People who hurt me unknowingly which leads to a cycle of angry revenge thoughts and uncontrollable longing
  8. Dominate personalities that I still manage to dominate over in most areas of the relationship - I guess it's a contest?