@God can you PLEASE make this happen?!
  1. How many hours I spent on Netflix.
    (I'd imagine it'd be somewhere around 73,000 because I had no life. Pun intended)
  2. My top ten embarrassing stories/occurrences
    (Obviously polled by an audience who would watch my embarrassing moments like I had a special on America's Funniest Home Videos)
  3. How many times I said variations of the word "fuck" in my head in Algebra
    (Ex: Fuck me, fuck this, fuck this class, and the fucking teacher)
  4. How many songs I knew all the lyrics to
  5. Also how many misheard incorrect lyrics I had actually been singing to those songs.
    (Ex: Taylor Swift blank space Starbucks lovers)
  6. How many times I had stood up for equal rights for all, and how many times it had an impact.
    (Also how many times I had been called names for it. Ex: feminazi, snowflake,etc)
  7. The amount of hours I spent solely doing homework
    (Just so I can know how many hours of my life I wasted)
  8. How many times I had changed my bio on Instagram and what they all were
    (So I can cringe while seeing how much I've changed🙃😬)
  9. How many hours I've spent admiring and watching and obsessing over Mindy Kaling.
    (She is an incredibly talented human being.)
  10. How many times I've cried myself to sleep
    (And how many more times I smiled myself to sleep? Is that a thing? Trying to be optimistic here)
  11. The amount of times the words "what even" have exited my mouth
    (A recurring catch phrase through my teens)
  12. A count of all the push-ups I've done in my life
    (I'm convinced the total can't be more than 10, 15, maybe. No, that would be pushing it).
  13. How many times I had wished to look like somebody else, next to the amount of times other people had wanted to look like me.
  14. The number of times I'd complimented people and it made their day.
  15. How many years it took me to control my anxiety
    (If it ever ended up happening)
  16. A meter of how happy I was when I was happiest, and when that time was.
    (Also, was I ever happy enough? What made me happy? Asking the real questions here.)