1. running up to a stranger I thought was my dad and grabbing him from behind and being deeply mortified. The leather jacket through me! He didn't make me feel like an idiot for being wrong and calmed me down.
  2. screaming out "ew dad, you HARTED!" (had a problem with the F sound, apparently) in an Erol’s video rental store, causing him equal if not more mortification.
  3. watching Ren and Stimpy and other “cool” saturday morning cartoons while he nodded off, laying on the floor with me.
  4. making him read stories to me in the “butty” way, where he would replace normal words with fart, butt, diarrhea and the like. I would howl with laughter. Real class act, we were.
  5. begrudgingly rocking out to really cheesy songs (dad is a sucker for the most corny jams) in car rides, like ‘laughter in the rain’ by neil sedaka, anything michael mcdonald, james taylor, etc.