1. David Bowie
    STAAAH MAAAN. 🌟 Enough said.
  2. Michael McDonald
    somethin' bout white dudes singing soulfully. solo or doobie bros style, who can resist? For accuracy, it does require me to make a weird shape w/ my mouth while singing tho ...
  3. Tom Petty
    just the right amount of nasal-y strain. honestly don't know what this guy is saying half the time, karaoke is the perf excuse to find out.
  4. David Byrne
    when you're feeling lazy and just want some silly, talk-y singing. same as it ever was.
  5. Bryan Ferry
    for the more emotional, sensual, (maybe) 70s coke den vibes
  6. Gwen Stefani (circa No Doubt)
    after all, I'm just a girl...