1. Sleeping
    I always felt badass for staying awake past midnight. 2015: in bed by 1030pm
  2. Homeware stores
    They used to be so boring and I thought only clothing stores or electronic stores were cool. Now I love smelling candles, looking at quilt covers and ooh teapots
  3. Documentaries
    Eg. "How'd they do it" on the discovery channel. I learn so much about the simple products we use in daily life and what goes into making them
  4. Vegetables
    Let's face it, what young person wanted to eat brococoli. Now it's literally all I want to eat because it's good for me. Oh and kale, I love kale!! 🍠🍆🍅 (<--obvs not kale but hipsters haven't created that emoji yet)
  5. Taking care of my health
    Eg. the way I lift things. I'm in my late 20s but I probably have some form of knees and back hurt.
  6. Staying at home on the weekend
    Clubbing!! Every weekend seemed to be my plans in my youth or playing outside I. The playground in my earlier youth. I like lying around not doing anything and eating a whole pack of popcorn on my own.
  7. To be continued..still learning what I'm appreciating more now