Here are some warm things I like.
  1. Dogs
    They climb up in your lap and fall asleep there. It makes your lap pretty warm. FUN FACT: Dog and boyfriend are the only two warm things on this list with brains and personalities!
  2. The sun
    "Warm" is kind of a misnomer here. The sun is really hot!!! I live in LA and if I didn't thank the sun for being warm it would be highly ungrateful of me.
  3. Blankets
    You can just put them on over your clothes for a 2X WARMTH BONUS!!! You can put a dog on top and a boyfriend also underneath for a 3.5X WARMTH BONUS!!!!! Easily the most versatile warm thing on the list.
  4. Nice long baths
    It only makes sense to take a nice cold bath if you are a garment that needs to be hand washed or if you are a person who's been very badly sunburned. Warm is definitely the way to go on baths.
  5. Pie
    Serve it warm! It's delicious! It looks like you made an effort! Eat it warm under a blanket for a 4.5X WARMTH BONUS!!!!! *Don't throw warm, fresh out of the oven pie in a pie fight. It's uncomfortable for everyone involved.
  6. Boys
    My boyfriend is the best at being warm! It's because he's alive (not a vampire), and living human beings expend a lot of heat energy - look it up!