For most people it's an excuse to look shamelessly slutty. For me it's the opposite.
  1. Vampire
    Wore this to school senior year of high school and had a college admissions interview that was rescheduled without my knowledge. Who wants to go to Yale anyway?
  2. Spooky
    Didn't want to dress like the average sorority girl going to a Hallow's Eve Party so I invented a character called "Spooky"... Can you guess which one is me?
  3. Fruitcake
    My mom is the best and when I asked to be a fruitcake for Halloween, she delivered. Unrelated side note, I would have made an amazing gay man.
  4. Honorable Mention: Hip Hop Overalls
    As a youth, I was in a dance troupe called "Hip Hop Kidz." Our uniform was colorfully spray painted overalls with sayings like "2 Funky." Although they give me major camel toe, they serve as a wonderful Plan B costume.