If you were to defend any of the below, my response would be, "you're wrong."
  1. Man buns/ lady man buns in photo
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    I could stop the list here and be satisfied
  2. That Julia Roberts has lost her sparkle
    This is mainly for my little sister
  3. Someone whose favorite color is purple being normal
    Never have I ever met a chick whose favorite color is purple who isn't wildly batshit.
  4. Newsboy Cloth Hats
    Not only do you probably have a goatee, but you are offensive
  5. Needing an Instagram
    Im doing just fine
  6. Cheetos
    Okay, this one is personal, not universal. I JUST DON'T get it. Cheese is my great love and I'm really into Pirate's Booty so I don't know... i get weird about it.
  7. Naming your son Gail, Leslie, etc.
    Social services should be called from the hospital