1. Birth
    Coming out of the womb was truly eye-opening
  2. Getting my first fish
    Until I accidentally killed it by feeding it Chapstick #RIPSwimmy
  3. The time my brother convinced me I didn't exist
    And that he was the only one who could see me
  4. Learning to ride a bike
    Surprisingly happened like this summer
  5. Becoming dictator of the world
    It was well deserved
  6. Getting more than 6 hours of sleep in a night
    It's all only a fond memory now
  7. My nephews being born
    They're really cute
  8. Getting into college
    Oops hasn't happened yet
  9. The time I went blond
    I'm glad I can laugh it off now
  10. Eating
    I'm sure there's some favorite moment that involved food in there somewhere