Things I am learning about myself on this Amtrak train right now.

  1. The world wants me to be late.
    Even though I arrived a half hour early (very unusual for me) they pulled me aside and examined my ticket until I was the last person allowed into the boarding area, racing for a seat. So, I guess I'll just stop ever trying to be on time.
  2. I only like the quiet car.
    I accidentally sat in a regular Chatty McChattington car for the first time ever and it's eating my insides.
  3. I prize a view over elbow room.
    In my race for a seat I found a solo row but didn't realize in time that it's the only seat in the car without a window. Now I'm leaning forward to look out the window of the person ahead of me making myself even more vulnerable to their loud monologue about what Krissy was wearing the other night. But I would happily sit next to anyone on here in exchange for a window seat.
  4. I'm grumpy.
    I keep thinking "I paid 80 dollars for this?" Can someone please start a train company so Amtrak can't operate like a dictator, having cornered the market on interstate train travel? I still have to buy my return ticket, which I thought I would use my reward points for but a one way ticket from NYC to Boston is 5k points. I've been making this roundtrip about four times a year for eight years and have accumulated 750 points. What's the opposite of an embarrassment of riches?
  5. Apparently I can't be in air conditioning without a sweater.
    I gave my coat to my dog so he could curl up on it, but now I'm freezing. He hasn't offered it back to me despite my very showy shivering and his being covered in fur.
  6. I have Sounds of the Ocean in my iTunes.
    It just came on shuffle. I got it to sleep to in new places a few years ago or for when my tinnitus is being crazy. I don't remember putting it on my phone though. I haven't skipped over it yet. It would sound better without the muffled talking about Krissy.
  7. In conclusion: I'm 70 years old.
    That's what I've learned.