I like to live with mystery wherever I can get it.
  1. If my dog knows what I'm doing when I kiss him.
    Our kissing methods are so different I often wonder if he recognizes the act. I'd hate to think of him wondering "why won't she ever kiss me back"
  2. When holidays like Presidents' Day occur.
    Why make plans when you can just walk 20 minutes to the post office to pick up a package that's waiting for you only to find it's closed for some reason.
  3. What periscope is.
  4. Who the people I used to know are today
    I could google my third grade crush Matt Lapoint or Obi, the pencil artist I met in London as a teenager and emailed with for a year or various girls I went to high school with but I never have.
  5. The plots of any plays or movies.
    I like to be surprised. I also never read reviews of things before I see them, and only rarely after.
  6. Anything that requires WebMD
    This was a tough habit to break. In a pinch I'll call my mom and ask her to look at the symptoms of some insane condition without reading them out loud and ask if she thinks I have it.